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FX Recreational Gymnastics Classes
FX Recreational classes are fun-filled! Our classes provide healthy essentials such as exercise, strength building & balancing skills.  We have experienced instructors who have a passion to share their love of gymnastics.

       10-11a         1-2yrs   Mom/Tot
10-11a   1-2yrs Mom/Tot
1-2 yrs Mom/Tot

       11-12pm         3-5yrs Tumbling Tots
11-12p   3-5yrs Tumbling Tots
11-12pm   Girls & Boys
Level 1
all ages
1-2 pm

Open Gym $10
3-5 yrs
Mini Gym
3-5 yrs
Mini Gym
          4-5pm          3-5yrs  Tumbling Tots

6-10 yrs
Girls & Boys Level 1
Girls & Boys Level 1

6+ yrs
Girls Level 2
6+ yrs
Girls Level 2
7:15-8:15pm Tumbling
Girls & Boys Level 1 & 2
6+ yrs
Girls & Boys Level 1 & 2
6+ yrs

  • Trying for first time?  Please Call or Submit form below in advance (at least 24 hours prior to class)  Classes are limited to ratio of 1 coach to every 8 students.  We welcome you and are so happy you are trying FX; we like to plan accordingly and make sure to have enough coaches on staff to ensure the best possible learning experience.  Thank you.

Please submit one form below per child to pre-register:
Gymnast Name
Gymnast Age
Class/es you would like to Pre-Register for
Mom/Tots 1-2yrs (M 10) (F 10) (Sat 10)
Tumbling Tots 2-4yrs (M 11) (F 11)(Sat 11)
Mini Gym 3-5yrs (M 345)(W 345) (Th 4)
Homeschool ages 5 & up (M 1130)
Girls/Boys L 1 (M, W 615) (T, Th 730) (Sat 11)
Girls L 2 (M, W 715) (T, Th 730)
Pre-Team (M W F 4) coach approved 2/3 days a week
Power Tumbling (M W 715)
Parent Name
Parent Cell
Parent email
Please specify Day/Time you would like to pre register for

johnny handstand
We offer FREE trial classes for any of our FX Gymnastics Recreational programs (excludes open gym, power tumbling & competitive gym/cheer)

We prorate for mid session sign ups!

Gym mats

Rose going through tunnelRecreational Gymnastic Class Descriptions:

All classes start with a FuntastiX warm up, then stretching and positions, then onto the main event with gymnastics skills and end with a fun activity or game and stamp (for the little ones) for the older kids class ends with a competitive skill or challenge against Mr. Don.
Mom/Tot classes:
Parents will help their little gymnast learn to tumble (forward and backward rolls), jumps, walk on balance beam, pull and push techniques with the introduction to bar and rings that help with coordination, a great way for little ones and their parents to have some quality, fun time with each other. Starts with a fun warm up, going threw the motion of positions and stretching which are important in gymnastics, gymnastics obstacle courses to climb and tumble on then end with an entertaining game or activity little ones are sure to love. Sometimes it takes a few classes before children follow along with class :) Parents please be patient...little ones at this age progress at their own pace.
Tumbling Tots:
Little ones that are ready for class on their own. They will learn more tumbling with forward and backward rolls, cartwheel motions, tuck & straddle jumps, a variety of gymnastics obstacles that include bar & ring work, balance beam, and parallel bars.
Lil Tumblers:
Tumbling Tots that are thirsty for more gymnastics! This class will get little ones learning how to tumble and how to use a variety of apparatuses to enhance balance skills and coordination all while having a great time and getting exercise too!
Boys and Girls Mini Gym:
These classes include all the basics for learning gymnastics. Tumbling (forward & backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, headstands), Bar skills (basic swings, skin the cat, as well as pull overs), Ring skills that are similar to the bar skills, balance beam work, basic vaulting skills and mini trampoline.
Boys Level 1 & 2
Class especially designed for boys!  They will learn a wide variety of tumbling skills (cartwheels, roundoffs, handstands, and when they are ready they will learn round off back handsprings, back tucks, layouts and more.  Boys will also work on vault, rings, bars, parallel bars, and pommel horse.  A great, fun workout to build strength, enhance coordination and balancing skills. 

Girls Level 1:
Girls will work on cartwheels and running cartwheels, round offs, front walk overs, back walk overs, independent pull overs and back hip circles on bars as well as swing half turns on bars, handstand vaults or hand spring vaults, more advanced hand stands and raised beam skills, back hand springs and/or flips will be introduced to those that are ready.
Girls Level 2:
Instructor approved only. Should attend gymnastics 2-3 times per week. Intermediate tumbling skills, such as back & front hand springs, pull over and back hip circles independently, front tucks off trampoline, front hand springs over vault, intermediate beam skills such as working cartwheels on beam, combination of tumbling skills in a pass.
Power Tumbling:
All levels are welcome. Instructor will work on each individual's tumbling skills. Really helpful for Cheerleaders looking to improve their tumbling skills. This class is also a great supplemental class to Girls Level 1 &  Girls Level 2.

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